Coping and Resilience During COVID-19

Coping and Resilience During Covid-19 My Body Against Crisis

It is a wonderful thing when mLJ mind decides to be kind to mLJ bodLJ͘ The moment it realinjes that mLJ bodLJ is home͕ it can stand against crisis͘

MLJ bodLJ is the home to mLJ soul͘ WhLJ would I not love mLJ bodLJ͍

Outside of the home mLJ soul wonders Outside of the home mLJ soul cries

MLJ soul gets hurt bLJ chaos͕ greed͕ and cries of others͘ MLJ bodLJ as a response builds itself MLJ bodLJ is the home where mLJ soul finds rest

It uses its arms to push mLJ soul over and over again It uses its legs to lift mLJ powerful soul out of the ground

Strength against the crisis outside Resilience against the crisis outside Hope against the crisis outside

MLJ bodLJ is strong͕ and it will fight͊

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