Coping and Resilience During COVID-19


AfWer e[periencing a difficXlW Wime, sXch as Whe one Ze are in righW noZ, Ze can choose Wo learn from Whe e[perience and groZ or Ze can dZell on ZhaW Ze can'W conWrol, Whe pasW. M\ hope is WhaW people haYe learned from Whis XnprecedenWed Wime. We all go WhroXgh some kind of sWrXggle in oXr liYes bXW Whis XniqXe sWrXggle is one WhaW Ze all geW Wo e[perience WogeWher and hopefXll\ ZiWh WhaW XndersWanding, people Zill be more caring and empaWheWic Wo oWhers Zhen Ze all can gaWher again.

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