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Cora Reis Sofia Silvia Chloe Vigil Amayah Watson

Nova Odette Jenny Payan

SPECIAL THANKS TO Keren Taylor – Executive Director of WriteGirl Katie Geyer – WriteGirl Managing Director; and Annlee Ellingson – WriteGirl volunteer Leslie Awender – WriteGirl College Program Director Alexandria McCale – WriteGirl volunteer AUTRY MUSEUM STAFF WORKSHOP PARTICIPANTS Liza Posas – Head Research Services and Archives Carolyn Brucken – Chief Curator and Director of Research Sarah Wilson – Director of Education Nicole Martinez – Education Curator Katherine Herman – Education Outreach Manager Rebecca Kahn – School Programs Manager Marilyn Fabricante – Museum Teacher Laura Florio – Sr Director, Foundation and Government Giving Christina Hummel-Colla – Library Collections Assistant Victoria Bernal – Women in the Archives Social Media Manager Andrew Leffler – 2019-2020 Autry/Occidental College intern Alex Leary – Exhibition Designer Alban Cooper – Senior Exhibition + Zine Designer

The Autry is proud to support the work of the WriteGirl participants. To encourage the free flow of expression and dialogue, we have avoided a heavy-handed editorial approach. All of the views and opinions contained within this publication solely reflect those of the individual contributors.

This project was made possible with support from California Humanities, a non-profit partner of the National Endowment for the Humanities. Visit calhum.org.

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